although conspiracy theories are fun at times, don't you think this one is a little far fetched? Of course anything is possible and you might very well be right, but in all honesty, this seems highly unlikely. I trust you are familiar with "Occam's razor"?

I can absoloutley see where your coming from, and I can assure you Im not one of the tin-foil hat brigade who believes 9/11 was staged etc. Often the truth is suprisingly simple, and can usually be discovered through good research. Take the War on Terror; most Americans think 9/11 was an unprovoked attack of religious hatred. I doubt even 1% of them know about Operation Infinete Reach in 1998, which is even on wikipedia.

In the 1960s the CIA publically admitted that they manipulate the media to achieve the nation’s goals - it’s on record. In the 2003 Iraq war, it was admitted that journalists were ‘embedded’ en masse to completley con the world media about the Shock and Awe tactics being used that left at least 300,000 civillians dead.

Would it really be so far fetched that the US Government, or perhaps an Oil company, would fund a fake charity to manipulate public opinion, after war propoganda before? This is a country that has been proven to have faked a United Nations report on Saddam Hussein’s WMDs in order to declare a major war, again for oil.

Get Involved! It’s time to Expose KONY 2012!

In just five days, the KONY 2012 campaign has gathered over 70 million views on YouTube and Vimeo alone. The public debate may now be commenting on the effect of social media, but soon the public pressure will force President Obama to respond. His eagerness to already despatch military ‘advisors’ and military aid suggests that he is quite ready to take the next step:


Even in the wide, open, barren deserts of Libya, the US and NATO aircraft missed their targets, got insufficent inteligence and had repeated accidents. The Libyan Health Office reported 1,108 deaths and over 4,500 wounded by mid-July, before the heaviest fighting for the urban centres began. So how would they fare in dense jungle, valleys, shanty towns and farmlands?

KONY supporters often claim they only want Joseph Kony arrested and brought to trial. Do they honestly assume that it is possible to walk into the middle of an army - even a small one - and arrest a man who believes he is a conduit for God? I’m not sure if this is naive or just plain crazy. The only way Kony could be taken down would be through airstrikes, or worse, a ground assault.

The US Government and the oil Companies want this. They want KONY 2012 to build up enough public support that the people will support a military intervention. This will lead to thousands of casualties, hundreds of thousands left homeless and incalcuable war damage.

And so I must call on each and every one of you to join with us and stand up for the people of Uganda, for freedom, for justice and for Life. We need to get out there and let the world know that there is an opposition to KONY 2012. So please follow this blog, ‘like’ and share us on Facebook and follow our twitter!

It is time to Expose, Prevent and Protect!

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But, the Kony 2012 group (invisible children) has been up way before the discovery of the oil reserves, so are you saying that, now the the group has changed their agenda to not find and bring Kony to Justice , but to help America get Oil from Uganda? It seems to me that instead of "Exposing The Truth" on Kony 2012, you should be focusing on the intentions of the US government, and the possibility that the US might have a different agenda. unless you're just trying to gain awareness this way?

In fairness the knowledge of the oil reserves could have been known for some time; even with normal commerical oil drilling, the news of a new oil reserve will be kept secret until a suitable time due to the impact on the stock market or government regulators of hearing about a priceless oil reserve imposes considerable risk.

Our theory is that the KONY 2012 group is a front created - or infiltrated - by either oil companies or the US government and has dilberately been building up in the area ready for this campaign. If they were started just as oil was announced it would look suspicious. Certainly it is interesting that Obama is so eager to despatch military advisors to a now non-existant warzone, when he won’t touch Burma or Syria with a stick - riddle me that?

Our objective is to try and stem the tide of KONY 2012 support. If it is genuinely corrupt - or even if it is 100% legitimate - it has the potential to serve for another quasi-war. We feel obligated to do everything we can to stop this, considering the Americans are not exactly renowned for avoiding civillian targets.

OK, so it sounds like your problem is more so on the suspicion that Kony 2012 has started this campaign to gain support to get the government to go to war with Kony and to somehow get a reserve of Oil that Uganda has in it's possession? Just want to know what your big issue with the Kony 2012 campaign in general is. cuz what i read doesn't end in a relevant statement to the Kony Campaign.

Fair question, but one I think I can provide a decent answer for (we will post to this effect later on).

To cut a long story short, the US is trying to control all the world’s oil reserves because of it’s political and financial value - as is China. In the last 30 years, almost every move the US has been made has been for oil. Angola, Somalia, Libyan bombing in the 1980s, Libyan intervention last year, Saudi Arabia, Yemen bombing, Afghanistan (to build a pipeline to Kazakstan), Iraq, Kuwait, and possibly now Iran.

Our theory is that KONY 2012 is backed by the US Government to build public sympathy for another military intervention in Uganda, just like what the media did in Libya. The US helps Uganda with Kony in return for oil contracts and guns. The West has a long history of literally creating propoganda and corrutpting the press, particually in Iraq - it is very well documented. I know this might sound like a lot of conspiracy theory crap but the evidence - hard evidence - is all over the net. Hope that answers your question, feel free to hit me back!

Well it may have something to do with the 700 MILLION barrels of crude oil reserves found in Uganda in 2009 - as yet completley untapped. With global reserves falling, the US and China has entered a energy race to secure third-world countries with large stocks of oil and natural gas, from South America & Antartica to India and Africa.

Current market crude prices give an estimated value of $88,186,000,000, but that’s not accounting for how valuable it will be once reserves dry up in 20 years, the Middle East explodes and the US’s strangehold on domestic industries.

Full story from The Economist viewable here.

Launch: Expose the Truth

EXPOSE THE TRUTH is a Counter-organisation fundamentally opposed to the so-called KONY 2012 charity campaign. All of our admins started completley unaware of the situation and have no conflicts of interest, but when we first saw the cleverly-engineered video we suspected either dangerous idealism or state propoganda.

KONY 2012 would have you believe that Joseph Kony is murdering his way across central Africa with 30,000 child soldiers. This is not true. The Lord’s Resistance Army now numbers between 500 and 3,000 soldiers, although it has been reported that he has indoctrinated and abducted 30,000 children over the last 30 years of fighting. The LRA conducts hit-and-run insurgencies, with an estimated 2,000 casualties in the last 10 years. These are often in response to failed Ugandan military attacks, backed by the US.

Whilst we condemn any loss of life, this is now a minor issue when considering an estimated 300,000 civillians were killed UK/US forces in the Iraq War. Such a massive campaign for such a minor issue can only raise questions about the integrity of KONY 2012, and by extension, the Western media and general public.

After a lot of time spent on research and scrutinizing the facts on both sides of the argument, we have uncovered publically-available evidence that is frankly damning to the KONY 2012 campaign. You may well have heard about the charitie’s questionable financial spending and salaries. What you may not have heard is that Ugandan politics is infinetley more complicated than meets the eye.

Uganda’s incumbant President Yoweri Museveni siezed power from the tyrant Idi Armin in 1979. Museveni used child soldiers to do this. After thousands were killed, hundreds of thousands of people evicted from their homes and floods of guns and landmines were littered about the country, Museveni has held power for 24 years. The first ‘elections’ were held after a decade of un-opposed, authoritarian rule. The elections have always been overwhelmingly in his favour, with critics reporting wide-spread fraud, corruption and intimidation (Museveni publically threatened to put his rival ‘six feet into the ground’). Riots and public protest have been met with military and civil crack-downs.

Seeing Museveni as a ‘friendly’ dictator, both the UK and US Governments have bank-rolled the Ugandan government, with some £2bn paid by the UK alone. Recently President Obama signed a treaty, despatching 100 US ‘military advisors’ to assist the Ugandan military against the LRA. Joseph Kony is still alive despite the 40,000 strong, battle-hardened Ugandan military. To add to the suspicion, in 2009 a contractor discovered a 700 million barrel oil reserve in Uganda. A few years on, there is now a massive campaign to support the Ugandan government against insurgency. Note that other, worse conflicts such as the Tamil genocide, Chechnya, Burma, Colombia, Congo and Syria go almost un-noticed.

We are not tin-foil hat wearing freaks, we do not believe in UFOs or the illuminati. We are simply a group of concerned citizens who believe that both sides of the argument deserves to be heard and broadcast. We believe in truth and justice just like so many of the genuine KONY 2012 supporters, but we fear they have been manipulated by others, just like so many of us were with the UN report on Saddam Hussein’s WMD stockpiles in Iraq.

As citizens of a democratic and educated West, we refuse to stand by and allow the pave way for another destructive Western ‘intervention’, that will leave thousands dead, millions evicted from their homes and will take decades for any hope of recovery. War must be averted AT ALL COSTS. We ask you to join with us, to get involved and to expose the truth behind KONY 2012.